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Sightseeing Air Tour Flights

These are some of our favorite and most popular flights! Sunsets over Los Angeles are truly breathtaking. Contact one of our reservations specialists at 818-570-0810 to reserve your flight today!


Established in 2001.

From the start, our goal was to revolutionize the air tour market with deliberate focus on our guests’ needs in the Los Angeles market. We strive to place emphasis on delivering world-class service in a market flooded with gimmicks.

In conjunction with conducting air tours, we also have FAA authorization to operate on-demand air taxi flights offering you more flexibility in customizing your tours into excursions and getaways!

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Getaways & Excursions

Enhance your air tour experience beyond LA! Take a flight to a nearby destination while you decompress from city life.

Southern California has so many exciting destinations and a large selection of airports to choose from. The sky is the limit for your own custom getaway package.

Our Getaway Experts are standing by to assist you 24/7. Reach them at 818-570-0810×2